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Therapeutic Massage for Relaxation, Health & Well-Being

Living Well Massage therapy offers therapeutic massage for relaxation, health and well-being.

Massage therapy is an ancient art which has been practiced all over the world. The first written account of massage was recorded over 3,000 years ago.

Massage therapy, once viewed only as a luxury, is now becoming more popular as people learn about the health benefits of massage and as the availability of this therapy in communities increases.

Trained massage therapists, with a knowledge of anatomy and physiology, practice a genuine hands-on method of health care, and work in conjunction with other health care professionals to provide an integrated approach to health care delivery.

Massage therapists demonstrate a sincere commitment to promote the health and well-being of each client with integrity and confidentiality in a soothing and relaxing professional setting.

In today's busy, stressful world massage therapy can enhance the quality of life and improve the health of every individual.

The benefits of massage therapy are numerous.

Some of the benefits include:

Reduces mental and physical stress

Relieves muscle tension, spasms, and cramps

Helps to decrease chronic pain

Increases blood and lymph circulation

Lowers blood· pressure, reduces heart rate, slows respiration

Improves skin tone

Strengthens the immune system

Improves mobility, joint flexibility, and range of motion

Enhances self-image

Improves posture

Can be energizing as well as relaxing

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